IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The conference committee has made the decision to defer the conference to the first two weeks of September 2020 and an exact date has still to be set between the three venues. Please leave your details on the registration page.


The "Convergence for Carbon Transition 2020-2030" is a 2-day conference that brings together New Zealand’s best technical minds to partner with leading business organisations for co-creation of innovative “shift projects” that change their current trajectory for carbon emissions. 

With the support of Engineering NZ, we are embedding the idea of transitioning to a low emissions economy into the everyday consciousness and practice of engineers and other technical professionals across New Zealand - the people who design our assets and infrastructure and can turn innovative ideas into practical projects.

We offer inspirational speakers, facilitated workshops, and a political voice that will signal the future social and political context for transition. The "Convergence" format has been developed to be more than just an opportunity for education and inspiration – it has been developed to create opportunities of direct application by NZ businesses, iwi, industry and communities. To achieve this, we are in the process of identifying companies/organisations in NZ that provide us with a "case for change" workshop brief, describing their specific low-carbon transition goals and challenges over the next 10 years.



Information about the transition engineering methodology.

  • Hands on experience of considering a carbon reduction project beyond business as usual.

  • For those volunteering a business case, a "shift project" worked on by the participants.

  • Networking opportunities across the sectors of business, civil society and academia.

Details of the Event

The convergence will be held as a low carbon event. To minimise the carbon footprint of participants the event will be run simultaneously at Auckland University of Technology, Victoria University of Wellington and University of Canterbury by connecting the three venues through video-links.

The event is conducted by a number of New Zealand’s engineering organisations leading in this space:

  • The Sustainability Society (TSS): a technical interest group of Engineering New Zealand, representing their voice on climate crisis and sustainability issues.

  • Global Association for Transition Engineering (GATE): an organization set up to facilitate the agile learning needed for the emergence of a new engineering discipline - Transition Engineering - much like the emergence of “Safety Engineering” over the last 100 years. Their international co-president, Prof. Susan Krumdieck, is based in NZ.

  • Engineers for Social Responsibility (ESR): an independent society initially formed in 1983 to voice engineers' opposition to nuclear weapons, now focused on climate crisis issues.

  • Supported by Engineering New Zealand – who are looking for ways to engineer a better New Zealand, including the nurturing of emissions reduction technology and skills in engineering practice across NZ.

  • Supported by Engineers without Borders (ESR) – whose mission is to "connect, educate and empower people through humanitarian engineering".


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